Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother

Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother

Our Blessed Mother Mary’s role as the Mother of God is a subject that has been discussed for centuries. How could she possibly be both a mere human and also hold the holy status of “Mother of God”?  In this article, we will learn more about the role of Our Lady as Mother of God, whose feast we celebrate every January 1.

The Nestorian Heresy

Many of our non-Catholic brethren question the dogma of the Divine Motherhood of Mary by citing the arguments of Nestorius, the instigator behind the Nestorian heresy which was condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431.

Nestorius claimed that in Christ Incarnate, there are two distinct persons - one divine and the other human. With this premise, Nestorius concluded that Mary was mother only of the human person of Jesus. Thus, according to Nestorius, Mary cannot be considered "Mother of God".

The Hypostatic Union

Our Catholic faith, however, recognizes Mary as the Divine Mother, which is contrary to Nestorius' claim of two distinct persons in Jesus Christ -- one divine and other human. In 431, Nestorius' idea was widely rejected at the Council of Ephesus by Saint Cyril of Alexandria presiding over 150 bishops. The council proclaimed that although Jesus has both a Divine and Human Nature within Him, He remains only one Person - God incarnate!

Through His wholly unique relationship with our Blessed Mother we can see how truly special she is among all creatures on earth; beloved not just because she gave life to Divinity but also for her unwavering faithfulness throughout it all.

Through the hypostatic union, an unbreakable bond between Jesus' two natures exists. As a result of this divine connection, Mary is rightfully respected and revered as Mother of God - both mother to Jesus's human form here on Earth and also his spiritual presence in Heaven.

Does this Make Mary Above God?

Some believe Mary cannot be the Mother of God because it defies logic for a mortal human to have any superiority over our Creator. However, motherhood is not about one having power or control—it's simply love in its purest form! Perhaps this explains why Jesus chose Mary as his earthly vessel and relied on her throughout His life’s journey; showing us that no matter who we are, there can always be divine connection between humans and The Almighty.

Through the birth of Jesus, God's plan to restore intimacy between Himself and humanity was fulfilled. Immanuel- translated as "God with us" - symbolizes this incredible truth; in order for Him to be one with us, He became human himself by being born through Mary as an essential part of His divine plan.

Mary's role as the Mother of Jesus was an incredibly important one, yet it didn't create a hierarchy - due to His dual nature of being both Man and God, despite coming into our world through Mary's vessel, Jesus still held dominion over her.

The Way of Mary

Jesus could have chosen to come into the world in a way that would display all of His Divine Power; instead, He chose something far more intimate. By allowing himself to be born through Mary and as an infant relying on her for his safety and nourishment, he displayed such immense love by trusting Our Lady with so much responsibility - even entrusting his growth!

Mary's role as Mother of God is a topic often debated. Yet it remains undeniably true, since this was the very will of our Heavenly Father -- an authority we can't and wouldn't dare dispute!