The "Devil-Chasing Medal"

The "Devil-Chasing Medal"

Did you know that the St. Benedict Medal is more popularly known as the "devil-chasing medal"? 

This medal of St. Benedict is one of the oldest and most highly honored medals used by the Church. Because of the extraordinary number of miraculous occurrences, both physical and spiritual, attributed to this medal, it became popularly known as the “devil-chasing” medal.

This medal, among the other medals, is especially effective against evil spirits due to the fact that this is the only medal that has an exorcism prayer inscribed into it.

Laudate Mariam’s Door Hanger features the St. Benedict Medal, a Catholic sacramental.

Please have this door hanger and St. Benedict medal blessed by a Catholic priest. Please explain to the priest that this door hanger includes a St. Benedict medal. Please request from the priest to recite the special blessing for St. Benedict Medals  when you have it blessed.