Why the St. Benedict Medal is a Must for Every Home

Why the St. Benedict Medal is a Must for Every Home

You may be wondering why most of Laudate Mariam's products feature the St. Benedict Medal. We have made it a personal advocacy to spread this very important and powerful Catholic sacramental because of our own personal experiences in battling the devil.

Yes, the devil is real!  In fact, my own family had a first-hand experience in battling the devil. When our eldest son was only 3 years old, he had an extraordinary experience with the devil. His story is well-documented, and was even featured in a popular show on TV. You can read that story here. 

One of our major lessons in that experience with battling the devil is the importance of Catholic sacramentals, which help protect us from the devil. Catholic sacramentals, such as the St. Benedict Medal, help chase away the devil from your homes, for as long as your family lives in the state of grace. This is the reason why the St. Benedict Medal is more popularly known as the “devil-chasing medal”. 

The St. Benedict Crucifix

This medal of St. Benedict is one of the oldest and most highly honored medals used by the Church. Because of the extraordinary number of miraculous occurrences, both physical and spiritual, attributed to this medal, it became popularly known as the “devil-chasing” medal.

This medal, among the other medals, is especially effective against evil spirits due to the fact that this is the only medal that has an exorcism prayer inscribed into it.

Laudate Mariam’s Door Hanger features the St. Benedict Medal, a Catholic sacramental. You need to have it blessed by a Catholic priest using a special blessing that you can find here.

Personalized St. Benedict Door Hanger

I believe that every home, every door needs to have the St. Benedict Door Hanger! It’s like having a powerful shield in every door, because of the exorcism prayer inscribed into the very medal. By having the St. Benedict Medal in every room of your house, it’s like asking St. Benedict to guard your every room against the devil. 

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