Your Top 7 Questions on Our Door Hangers - Answered.

Your Top 7 Questions on Our Door Hangers - Answered.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our St. Benedict Door Hangers!

Are the St. Benedict Door Hangers Blessed?

No, they are not yet blessed. Catholics are prohibited from selling blessed/pre-blessed items. This is a sin called “simony.” You need to have it blessed yourself with a priest.

Personalized St. Benedict Door Hanger

How are St. Benedict Door Hangers Blessed?

St. Benedict Medals are special because in it is engraved a special exorcism prayer against Satan. For this exorcism prayer to really take effect, though, you need to have a priest bless it using the Special Prayer of Blessing for St. Benedict Medals. You can find this prayer in our blog here.

Can I Hang the Door Hangers in Every Door in My House?

Yes! It is best that you hang a blessed St. Benedict Door Hanger in every door in your house, particularly the doors leading to important rooms and places in your home. The St. Benedict medal found in the door hanger is a powerful Catholic sacramental which, when blessed by a priest using the special exorcism prayer of blessing, will protect your family from the devil.

There is Another Medal in Your Door Hanger. What Kind of Medal is that?

Yes, our door hangers feature another medal, the Miraculous Medal of Our Lady! This is another feature of our door hangers that make it special. The Miraculous Medal is a very special medal that was designed by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. This medal, originally known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, was given to St. Catherine Laboure in an apparition, where Our Lady instructed her to make a medal out of that vision and spread it. Many miracles have been reported and attributed because of this medal, that is the reason why it became more popularly known as the Miraculous Medal.

How many Characters Can I Include in the Personalization?

Laudate Mariam’s St. Benedict Door Hanger is the only door hanger in the Philippines that can be personalized! You can personalize it with a name, word or phrase, or any message of your choice. The maximum limit is 12 characters.