Laudate Mariam

St Benedict Sticker (1 Sticker Pack = 5 Stickers)


The St. Benedict Sticker is perfect for cars, laptops, phones, mirrors and much more. Material is made of waterproof matte sticker, making it perfect for cars and other vehicles. It features the  image of the St. Benedict Medal, recognized by the Catholic Church as a powerful sacramental. Whoever has the Medal calls upon the protection of St. Benedict, great patriarch for our spiritual and bodily needs. Size is 3 inches in diameter. Each pack comes with 3 stickers. 

Make sure that your St. Benedict Stickers are blessed by a Catholic priest with the Special Exorcism Blessing for St. Benedict Medals in order to sanctify it. Use the St. Benedict Sticker in your car, in various devices and gadgets you use such as mobile phones and laptops, in office tables, in windows and mirrors, coffee mugs, water jugs...all over your home!