3 Reasons Why You Should Have the St. Benedict Medal

3 Reasons Why You Should Have the St. Benedict Medal

Not many medals have a significant meaning behind them, but the St. Benedict Medal is one that will continue to resound and maintain its relevance for years to come. 

How many of us can truly say our walk with God has inspired others to convert to Christianity or commit to a life of devotion against all odds?

The personality behind this medal, St. Benedict, born in 480 A.D., was a typical example of someone who lived a devout life to the fullest and inspired those around him to do the same. 

St. Benedict Crucifix

He persevered in the face of trials and temptations (some of which included an attempt to eliminate him by poisoning!). He went against the culture of his time because of his earnest faithfulness to God and the saving power of the Gospel.

Indeed, he's a man worthy of emulation!

With that being said, here are 3 reasons why every Christian should wear the St. Benedict Medal.

It's A Symbol Of Devotion To God

If you need a symbol of faith that can constantly remind you to uphold a life of devotion to God and His work, then this medal will fit perfectly.  The St. Benedict Medal should actually be called a weapon against evil, distractions, and temptations that constantly be-clouds most Christians in our time and day. 

It's a solemn reminder to stay steadfast in faith and encouraged at all times.

It Helps You Maintain A Good Conscience

As Christians, we are constantly faced with very hard decisions that sometimes could be the thin line between good and evil. 

However, God in His faithfulness gave us an internal sensor, which is our conscience; and even when we are tempted to go against the voice of our conscience, the Holy Spirit is there to impress it in our hearts. 

The St. Benedict bracelet is like a secret weapon that reminds us in the heat of the moment to choose what is right and realign our priorities to emulate God and saints like St. Benedict. 

It reminds us to seek the things of the kingdom over the vanities of life and strengthens our resolve to want to do that which is right and pleasing.

I'll never forget the story one of our sisters shared: She had just joined the faith and was having some challenges resisting the temptations of her old life, and it was something she couldn't really talk to people about. Then came the day when she heard about the St. Benedict Medal; she said that was a major turning point for her. 

It became her favorite bracelet, and every time she felt that surge of temptation to do wrong, she always experienced a deeper warning and drive to stand for what is right.


It Is A Symbol Of Prayer, Faith, And Love

The St. Benedict Medal promotes a disciplined prayer life. The back of the medal has two prayers inscribed on it, that when translated mean:

"The Holy Cross be my light; Let not the dragon be my guide."

"Begone Satan, Do not suggest to me thy vanities! Evil are the things thou offerest, Drink thou thy own poison!" (This prayer is significant because it was what St. Benedict said over the cup of poison.")

This clearly shows that this medal can also be used as a prayer of exorcism against Satan and his antics.

Have you got the St. Benedict Medal? Don't leave it lying on your table like any other; wear it proudly like a badge of honor because that's what it is and more!

Every Christian should have one!