Special Blessing of Candles

Special Blessing of Candles

Blessed candles are an important part of every Christian home! 

Once blessed by a priest with the special exorcism prayer of blessing for candles, the St. Benedict Candle becomes a powerful Catholic Sacramental.As such, blessed candles are a powerful sacramental that will help drive away evil spirits from your home. 

Light this candle when you sense an evil presence or manifestation in a certain place. The light from blessed candle symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the world; the presence of the Lord drives away all spirits of darkness. Lighting this candle, then praying for liberation is especially effective to purge a place especially a room, from infestation.

Below is the special blessing to be used by priests to bless candles:

V. Our help is in the + Name of the Lord.

R. Who made heaven and earth.

V. The Lord be with you.

R. And with your spirit.

V. O candles, I exorcise you in the name of God + the Father Almighty, in the name of Jesus + Christ his Son, our Lord, and in the name of the Holy + Spirit. May God uproot and cast out from these objects, all power of the devil, all attacks of the unclean spirit, and all deceptions of Satan, so  that they may bring health of mind and body to all who use them. We ask this through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire.

R. Amen.

V. Let us pray. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, light of everlasting life, you have given us candles to dispel the darkness. We humbly implore you now to bless + these candles at our lowly request, and hallow + them by the light of your grace. By the power of the Holy + Cross, endow them with the heavenly blessing. May the blessing they receive be so powerful that, wherever they are placed or lightened, the princes of darkness shall flee in fear, along with all their legions, and never more dare to disturb those who serve you,  the almighty God. Let the entire building in which these candles are kept, be free from the power of the adversary, and be defended from the snares of the enemy. Grant we pray, that those who will use these candles may be protected from every assault of the evil spirit, and be safeguarded from all danger. Through Christ our Lord. 

R. Amen.

They are sprinkled with holy water

P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All: Who made Heaven and earth

P: The Lord be with you. 

All: May He also be with you.

Let us pray. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, bless + these candles at our supplication. By the power of the holy + cross, pour out upon them a heavenly blessing, O Lord, who gave them to human kind in order to repel the darkness. From this signing with the holy + cross may they receive such blessing that, wherever they are set up or lightened, the princes of darkness may begin to tremble and depart, may flee in fear with all their ministers from such dwelling places, and may not dare again to disquiet or molest those who serve you, almighty God, who live in reign forever and ever.

All: Amen.

They are sprinkled with holy water.