Why You Need a Blessed Candle at Home

Why You Need a Blessed Candle at Home

Blessed candles are such an important sacramental to have in every Christian home!  

Once blessed by a priest with the special exorcism prayer of blessing for candles, a blessed candle becomes a powerful Catholic Sacramental. The candle’s light symbolizes Our Lord Jesus Christ the “Light of the World”. As such, blessed candles are a powerful sacramental that will help drive away evil spirits from your home. 

It is appropriate to leave the blessed candle in a prominent place in your home or on a prayer table. Light it every time you gather your family together to pray.  Light it when you sense an evil presence or manifestation in a certain place. The light from the blessed candle symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the world; the presence of the Lord drives away all spirits of darkness. Lighting this candle, then praying for liberation is especially effective to purge a place especially a room, from infestation.

Laudate Mariam's unique candle - the St. Benedict Candle - is the only candle in the Philippines that includes an image of the St. Benedict Medal. The St. Benedict Medal is recognized by the Catholic Church a powerful sacramental. Whoever has the Medal calls upon the protection of St. Benedict, great patriarch for our spiritual and bodily needs. Through the pious use of the Medal of St. Benedict, thousands of miracles and wonderful cures have been obtained! The Medal of St. Benedict is powerful to ward off all dangers of body and soul coming from evil spirits. 

The St. Benedict Candle, therefore, combines two sacramentals into one beautifully-designed product: the blessed candle, and the St. Benedict Medal.