3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Miraculous Medal

3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Miraculous Medal

One of the most beloved medals in the Catholic Church is the Miraculous Medal, also known as the “Medal of the Immaculate Conception.”  It is a devotional medal that was given by Our Blessed Virgin Mary herself to us through her apparitions to St. Catherine Laboure in Lourdes, France. Here are 3 reasons why you should wear the Miraculous Medal now!

It’s a Medal Designed by the Blessed Virgin Herself!

The Miraculous Medal is a very special medal designed by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself! Unlike other medals, which are designed by human hands, the Miraculous Medal’s design is based on the exact specifications given by Our Lady herself to St. Catherine Laboure! In her apparitions to St. Catherine, she said: “Have a Medal struck after this model.  All who wear it will receive great graces; they should wear it around the neck. Graces will abound for persons who wear it with confidence.'”

Many Miracles Have Been Granted to Wear the Miraculous Medal

When the medal first came into being, it wasn’t called the Miraculous Medal yet. In fact, it was initially just called the Medal of the Immaculate Conception. However, in less than ten years, it became known as the Miraculous Medal because of the many graces and wonders that quickly became associated with wearing it.  Health was restored, sickness banished; bad habits broken, special graces given; dangers averted.

Great Saints Wore the Miraculous Medal

Some great saints throughout history wore the Miraculous Medal!  St. Maximillian Kolbe and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta are just two of the many saints throughout history who wore the Miraculous Medal. St. Maximilian Kolbe called the Miraculous Medal a “silver bullet” against evil.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta called the Miraculous Medal a “medal of charity” and gave it out by the hand to many people.  She said that the medal is a sign that God loves each and every individual at each and every moment of our lives

The Medal is an Invitation for us to Remember Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces

It must be remembered that the Medal itself is not the source of healing and miracles. The Medal, rather, reminds us of the powerful intercessory power of Our Lady, who is the Mediatrix of All Graces.  All graces from Our Lord Jesus flow to the world through His Mother, the Mediatrix of All Graces. Wearing the Medal will remind us of this truth of our Faith. 

Whenever you need healing, whenever you see your Faith failing, whenever you have a problem that seems insurmountable, bring this at the feet of Our Lady, who will in turn bring it to her Son, Jesus. As St. John Bosco said: “Have faith in Mary, Help of Christians, and you will see what miracles are.”