Five Ways to Participate Better in Online Mass

Five Ways to Participate Better in Online Mass

While more Filipinos can now attend Holy Mass in person, with the government relaxing its rules and allowing up to 50% of the Churches to be filled to capacity, many Filipinos are still prohibited from attending Holy Mass in person. Senior citizens, as well as children and youth below the age of 15, are generally still restricted from attending Holy Mass in person. 

In such cases where you cannot attend Holy Mass in person, it is best to compensate for the inability to attend actual live Mass  by preparing your family and your home properly, in order to give dignity to the Mass.

Here are five practical tips to help you and your family attend Holy Mass Online better: 

Dress Up for Holy Mass

Encourage everyone in your home to dress up for Holy Mass. Dress up for it the way you would normally dress up whenever you go to Church when attending live Mass.  Wearing your "Sunday's best" dress predisposes you to a proper and reverential attitude when attending Mass.

Prepare Your Altar Well

Prepare your Altar well. Set up your crucifix as the central focus of worship, and not your computer screen. After all, the Holy Mass is a re-enactment of the death of Jesus on the Cross, hence, the focus on the crucifix. Include images of the Blessed Virgin, as well as saints, in your altar, to accompany the crucifix. The religious icons you place in your altar will serve to help you keep your focus on the  Lord and the essence of the celebration.

Light Up Blessed Candles

Light up blessed candles and place these in your altar. Blessed candles are powerful sacramentals that help drive away the devil. The blessed candles represent Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. By lighting the blessed candles, you are inviting Jesus to light up your own home with His presence.

Maintain Reverential Silence

Ensure that there is a reverential silence in your home during Online Mass. Turn off all cellphones, televisions, and any other devices that may distract you. Refrain from chatting or talking to anyone in your family during Holy Mass. Keep your mind "silent" as well. Try not to get distracted with the many distractions you may have at home. Quiet your mind and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Participate Actively

Be an active participate in the Holy Mass. Don't just be a silent spectator in Mass, as if you are just watching a movie. Rather, participate actively by answering in the responses, as well as actively singing during the various parts of the Mass.